Creative design studio
specialized in branding, creativity and new

We are a team of young people specializing in creating brands and understand
the rules of marketing and business very well. We successfully carry out projects in the field of graphic
design and Internet projects. The studio team comprises a group of friends who share a common passion.
Our core competences result from many years of experience and education in the field of visual communication,
design, marketing and computer science.


Agnieszka Diesing and Karol ImiaƂkowski are the core of the team. Agnieszka is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts.
She specializes in graphic design, creates illustrations and photographs.
Karol has been working as a graphic designer for about six years. He has co-operated with many big brands and has always been associated with marketing (freelance art director, brand manager).


We have had the pleasure of working with great people
and you can see who they are below.

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